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The Power of Creativity, Gamification of DEFI World 😋
My GameAces
GameAce: World’s first NFTs that you can PLAY as standalone retro video games!

"Doggies Moon Chase":
The first game "Doggies Moon Chase" is a flappy-bird clone - a collaboration with CryptoDoggies. It is playable only with a valid cartridge NFT in your wallet. Only 999 NFTs of the first game exist.

Unique NFTs:
Even within the same game, every NFT offers a slightly different game experience ! Some cartridges have more unique feature combinations than others and could thus be more "valuable". You can check the rarity table on the game’s website.

Historic Milestone:
These NFTs are first of their kind and we see them as an historic milestone in the crypto-space. A unique opportunity to get a piece of NFT history. More games will follow soon!

Yours to enjoy:
Play on desktop or mobile, use the input devices that you want: Gamepad, Touch, Keyboard, Mouse...

Deployed on IPFS: fully autonomous, distributed, unmodifiable, indestructible, forever yours.